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Dog Training & Obedience

Did you know that dog training is not a luxury item but a necessity for your dog's well being? Your dog only wants to follow you as the pack leader and behave as you desire. Communicating your leadership and desires is where the problems begin. Your dog is born without knowing the human rules of the household and training helps you and the dog understand how to communicate those rules. When your dog knows they are doing what the pack leader desires, your dog is happier, more relaxed and stops displaying destructive behaviors (i.e., eating the cushions on the couch).  Please complete the training questionnaire to the left and reserve your space today! Call or book online. 

Justin, our independent training consultant, is a Montana native who specializes in service dog training. He uses an interactive training method and has been training dogs for over 12 years. Prior to Wagg'n Justin's most recent endeavor was training government scent dogs for jobs in Homeland Security (i.e., bomb dogs for TSA). 


Justin stays up-to-date on dog science discoveries and uses best practice training techniques to, "help paws and hands be the best friends they are meant to be."


Justin states, "I am happy to be joining the Wagg'n family to offer opportunities for learning and communication between you and your dog."