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About Wagg'n

We are an all-in-one community for you and your canine family member. You can stay and play, take full advantage of our boarding service or daycare center while you are away, learn about your pet's health, participate in an event, and much more!


Wagg’n Indoor Dog Park is much more than a kenneling facility.  We represent a nation of responsible pet owners who are dedicated to spending quality time socializing, bonding, and improving the overall well-being of their dogs.

Please join us in a clean, comfortable, temperature-controlled facility:

  • Off-leash, indoor 8,100 sq ft. play area with an abundance of natural sunlight

  • Pet-friendly floors made of recycled material that is non-absorbent, anti-skid and provide a cushion for older dogs and humans with joint pain

  • We offer self-service or Paw Patrol dog washes. We provide a professional grooming tub; shampoo and conditioner, brushes and clean towels

  • ADA accessible play area for dogs and humans

  • Free live webcam feeds so you can check on your pup  when you are away

  • Free human amenities such as coffee or tea, big screen TV's and high-speed WiFi  in our lounge area while your dog plays with friends

  • Free socialization. Leading experts have shown socialization helps not only the pet to be better trained and reduces anxiety, but socialization with pets can also help humans with a variety of ailments. There is a reason why the dog is man’s best friend!

  • Social events for you and your dog (e.g. Halloweenie costume contests, 4th of July Pawty, doggy crafts, etc.)

  • Educational talks by local, behavioral specialists scheduled on a regular basis



facebook.com - Alex H.

Wagg’n is hands down the best place to take your dog in Missoula! I’ve been taking my sweet dog Murray there since he was 5 months old. The staff does such an amazing job running Wagg’n and I know Murray is in safe hands every time I drop him off. Whether you want to drop your dog off for a few hours or board them over night, Wagg’n is the place for it all!! I highly recommend this place to everyone! Your dog will love you for it! :)


Google.com  -Liz R.

My dog is never happier than when he is at Wagg'n playing with friends old and new. He looooves the staff, too! He is a rescue that was nervous around people when I first adopted him, but after about a month of socializing at Wagg'n almost every day for an hour or two, he became a whole new confident, happy dog who is excited to meet new people everywhere we go. Wagg'n has been a godsend!


Yelp.com -Matt D.

I am so grateful to have found Wagg'n!  My dogs Bear and Jesse LOVE it there- we go several times a week to visit the dog park and it's a great solution for winter exercise (especially for my So Cal raised pups!)!  There are awesome toys, fire hydrants and rocks for marking, a great drinking fountain and excellent staff who love and play with the dogs and even pick up their droppings!  Uhhh, that last part is particularly awesome for me since my dogs are both 90lbs+  We've now used Wagg'n twice for boarding and my boys have come back happy and the baths ($15/dog are you kidding!) are like a professional groomer did them - lots of time spent.  I can use the webcams to see my dogs and I always see them getting lots of love and attention when I'm away on travel.  I love this place - plus with screaming fast wifi and a comfortable lounge, I can work while my dogs play.  Awesome staff - we are so grateful for you guys and Wagg'n Indoor Dog Park!